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Shoreline Scenic Cruises and Charters offers daily narrated Lighthouse Cruses from two locations. Baileys Harbor Marina on Hwy 57 or Shoreline Marina on Hwy 42 in Gills Rock. We get you up close to the Lighthouses and Islands.

  1. From Baileys Harbor our Lakeshore Lighthouse Cruise includes seeing the iconic Cana Island Lighthouse, historic Bird Cage (old Baileys Harbor Lighthouse) and the Range Lights . We will also cruise by the location of several shipwreck sites from the 1800’s and if conditions allow may be able to see one from the boat.

Our shorter Harbor Cruise includes the Bird Cage Lighthouse, Baileys Harbor Range Lights and goes by several shipwreck sites. Along the scenic coastline you will see some beautiful waterfront estates and nice view of the Village.

End your day on our leisurely Sunset Cruise. The sun setting over the Harbor gives a different perspective as the twinkling lights of the Village start to come on.

2) From our Gills Rock location our Death Door Lighthouse, Islands and Shipwreck Cruise includes the lighthouses at Pilot & Plum Islands, Plum Island Range Lights, Detroit Harbor light  historic Coast Guard Station and numerous shipwreck sites. You will be able to see a shipwreck from 1867 from our boat and see images of several others on our Hummingbird side scan sonar. Along the way you will see cliffs, caves and beautiful waterfront homes.

Our Coastline, Cliffs and Caves Cruise see the entire North Coast of the Peninsula seeing soaring cliffs, caves, beautiful waterfront homes , a shipwreck and views of the islands.

Both our Navy boats are available for private charters for groups or families. Our website has detailed information and no fee online reservations.

At the Baileys Harbor Marina
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